EmailChecker vs DataValidation

Are you operating your business online? These days, it has become vital to bring business online. You will be benefited in different ways in an online business. Online Marketing can grow your business in less time if done in the right way.

Social Media is growing at a very fast rate. Many of the marketers are in confusion about the future. But they see the return on investment of email marketing is best among all marketing channels. Email Marketing is an efficient and cost-effective method of sending promotional emails to get new customer acquisition, building brand awareness, and increasing product sales. It can also build trust and loyalty with a company’s customer base.

But in order to get benefit from email marketing, it should be done in the right way. For example; a marketer starts an online marketing campaign and get an email list. Almost every time, many email addresses in the email list are invalid or do not exist.

Sending emails to those invalid email addresses will lead to a high bounce rate which will reduce your productivity and your emails will be marked as spam by ISP.

In this post, we will compare two of the best email verification service EmailChecker and DataValidation.

EmailChecker and DataValidation are some of the best email verification services. It is a trusted solution for your digital marketing needs. Many small and large organizations use their email verification service for cleaning their email list.

Their strong data effectiveness instantly detects email accounts that are unsafe to send or not and helps you to filter bad emails when you send. It will increase your email deliverability by removing invalid addresses, hard bounces, complaints, spam traps, and disposables.

Your ROI will surely increase. It saves money by improving the email campaign and increases sender reputation with ISP.

Let’s go ahead and do the comparison.

EmailChecker vs DataValidation


  • 99.9 percent deliverability rate
  • Real-time email verification
  • Easy credit-based system
  • Mailbox checking
  • Error correction
  • Cloud-based infrastructure
  • Drag & Drop dashboard
  • Compliant with all major email service providers
  • Affordable Plans
  • Pay as you go
  • Excellent customer support


  • 99 percent deliverability
  • Multiple upload formats
  • Free list archiving
  • Internation email format
  • Mailbox verification
  • Duplicates removal
  • Overview records

Winner: EmailChecker

Our Recommendation

After analyzing all the features of both email verification service, we have comes to the conclusion that EmailChecker is the winner. The deliverability rate is excellent for EmailChecker

Also, EmailChecker provides lots of useful features for a successful email marketing campaign. We do not see such excellent features in any other email verification services.

Surely, EmailChecker is the preferred and recommended email verification provider.

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