OneAll Review: Trusted Social Integration Platform

OneAll Review: Trusted Social Integration Platform

Now a day’s you can easily see the plug-in when you chose to register or sign up and your screen displays, “Sign up with Facebook” or “Connect via Twitter”. So, now, you can put your social media accounts to use and register to your favorite websites easily both task in a single mode there is no need to make new Signup for that website.

Here in this article we are going to review a best social integration platform that will really make’s the all social in One format. It is none other than OneAll– User Integration platform.


About OneAll:

OneAll is used by more than 300,000 websites worldwide, including small blogs, growing startups and large corporate enterprises.


Why OneAll:

OneAll’s social login solution enables your users to sign into their accounts on your website or mobile app using their login details from more than 30 social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. This eliminates lengthy registration processes for new users and forgotten usernames and passwords for existing users. It also avoids spam and bot registrations.

By using OneAll’s social login and social link features users can connect their social profiles to their account on your site, allowing you to gather demographic data such as age and gender, as well as pre-validated email addresses. It also enables you to post content to your users’ social network accounts. The Single Sign-On (SSO) from OneAll further eases login processes for your users, allowing them to sign into multiple site sin your ecosystem automatically.

OneAll Feature Summary

  • Social login from over 30 sites
  • One click login & register
  • Rich demographic data
  • Existing registration system integration
  • Social Link for existing accounts
  • Social API to publish content
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Social Sharing for comments, purchases, reviews
  • Install social sharing buttons
  • Sharing Wizard tool
  • Social Insights
  • Login for websites & mobile apps


Social Login: Over thirty different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, PayPal, Google, Yahoo and many others supported.

Social Link: Let existing users connect their social profiles to their accounts to gather additional data about your uses and post content to their social accounts on their behalf.

Single Sign On: Automatically sign in users as they navigate among the multiple websites in your ecosystem.

Social Sharing: Allow users to share comments, purchases made, reviews, and other activity directly from your site to their social networks.

Social Insights: Track trends in site registrations, returning visitors, social posts and resulting referral traffic.

Products & Services:

Opt for a cloud-based social network integration to reduce in-house development time and eliminate maintenance costs. We constantly monitor the APIs and technologies of the different social networks and update our services as soon as changes arise. By using OneAll you can be sure that your social media integration will always run smoothly and with the most up-to-date calls.

  • Social Login
  • Push/Pull API
  • User Explorer

Maintain high quality conversations on your content using our LoudVoice comments platform and drive continuous user engagement with our sharing services. Our automatic spam filters and backups eliminate maintenance costs or data recovery issues. A centralized dashboard allows you to track user interactions.

  • LoudVoice Comments
  • Star Reviews
  • Share Icons
  • Share Dialog

Reunite your user information in a state-of-the-art security environment that is 100% compliant with all US & EU data protection laws. With our web-delivered tools you can easily implement an end-to-end login and registration system across your web properties. Integrate using our form builders and interact with the data using a full fledged CIAM API.

  • User Cloud Storage
  • Registration As A Service
  • Registration As A Service


Price& Plan:

OneAll has two types of plans which are given below.

Personal Plans:

Premium & Enterprise Plans:

For price structure please click here.


Our Recommendation:

Finally after reading all the above information regarding OneAll- User Integration Platform, now have a clear idea why we choose OneAll. If you would like to take my recommendation then we will recommend OneAll as a best social integration in the world. If you still have any query regarding OneAll then you are feel free to contact us via a contact form given below


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