PBNLTD Review: The Best Private Blog Network Hosting

There isn’t any other multiple IP hosting provider on the web that offers such 24.7 customer support and tutorials for PBN SEO community.

I have been using PBNLTD PBN hosting for over 3 years now never had a bad experience.

Recently I read rubbish review by one of the PBN hosts in the market and they are even copying what PBNLTD does and trying to go after PBNLTD customers base. You know who I am talking if you just search on Google for “PBNLTD” or “PBNLTD PBN Hosting”

Honestly, their site looks pretty bad and no support whatsoever when I tried to test if they are actually selling proper PBN hosting at all. My advice is away from them, and they have written pretty bad about all the PBN hosts in the market like trying to review them.

Private Blog Network Hosting services that come with all in one hosting control panel

There aren’t any other PBN hosts in the market that offers the platform to register domain names and host it with multiple IP hosting from one dashboard. PBNLTD Host offers it all and that’s why I like the PBNLTD.

Private Blogging Network or PBN is one of the time-tested ways to enhance the potential of your site and increase SEO authority.

Many people use this method for improving their ranking. When done the right way it can deliver remarkable SEO and ranking benefits. However, you need to be careful while working with PBNs.

The first step is to buy PBN hosting plans that perfectly cater to your needs while assuring a fully track-proof hosting ecosystem.

PBN hosting is way different from regular hosting plans. These plans are meant for hosting bulk sites without compromising on security and with a special focus on privacy. One of the most reliable hosting companies with good experience is PBN LTD.

Being staffed by professionally successful bloggers, PBNLTD strives to offer the best PBN hosting services and has succeeded in this endeavor- to a great extent.

Without much ado, let us present an unbiased comprehensive review of what makes PBNLTD unique, what are its USPs and how well does it comply with the ideal guidelines for PBN hosting services:


PBN LTD offers PBN hosting services with a lot of features. With your PBNs hosted with PBN hosting, you’ll ensure that server-side fingerprints are never left in your PBNs. Hosting with PBN gives you the freedom to choose from a range of high-quality hosting providers while still managing everything from a single dashboard, leaving no server-side traces.


Highlighted below are some of the great features that make PBNLTD unique when compared to their competitors in the market:

1. Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space

When we look at other hosting providers, In their popular plans, they provide everything except unlimited bandwidth and as a result, we forcefully had to pay more and switch to premium service when clearly we don’t need them. PBN LTD is not like them, it provides unlimited bandwidth and disk space to furnish you with uninterrupted progress. You can upload as many videos, photos and data as you can without a single doubt. You don’t need to switch plans or pay more to enjoy the service, everything is crystal clear, Unlimited Bandwidth means truly unlimited Bandwidth.

2. One of the fastest WordPress and static HTML optimized servers in the industry

More than 70% of interest websites are running on WordPress. It is true to say that WordPress is the unbeatable king of the industry. With almost every website is running on WordPress, PBN LTD web servers are highly optimized for static HTML and WordPress. Thus, it provides a more convenient experience. As the web servers are optimized for WordPress, they load much faster than others and give a fast user experience.

3. Backups and Instant Restores

What would happen if out of nowhere you lose some of your data or blogs? To protect users of this type of condition, PBN LTD has come up with a solution. They provide free daily backups to protect your site and instantly restore features to make it available any time. Not only that but it is free with all the available plans. Therefore, you don’t need to spend more or switch plans to avail of this feature.
They keep everything safe and secure, you can find the backup in the hosting app itself.

4. One-click domain change

Confused with the domain you have chosen? Want to change it? Well, you can do it and that too with a single click with PBN LTD’s PBN hosting services.
They provide a one-click domain change solution for those who are unsure of their domain name.
Previously it was hectic and time-consuming to change a domain name, you might have to wait days for the process to be done.

Uptime Guarantee

One of the major challenges for the PBN site owners is how to get the best uptime for all their sites. They have a bulk of sites to maintain and each site is directly related to their core business income. So, downtimes may cause significant damage to their business.

That is why PBNLTD utilizes the latest technologies, 24X7 monitoring, and sophisticated issue detection/removal methodologies to remain committed to its maximum uptime guarantee. Unlike other hosting providers it not only makes tall claims but also does the needful to achieve them.

Advanced Security

Hacking incidents and cyberattacks are increasing at an alarming rate and this is the last thing a PBN owner would like to experience. The entire PBN business greatly depends on smooth sailing. In PBN business multiple sites pass the SEO authority to one another or money sites. So if a single site is compromised or hacked it can affect the entire network. For that PBNLTD has specially created an airproof security environment to fully shield your site against the threat actors, malicious bots, malware, viruses, and other site intruders. With its team of qualified IT security experts, the company assures you the best security.

With regular scanning and solid provisions against DDoS instances, PBNLTD builds a solid safety wall to maintain the security of your site.

Best Pricing

Many PBN hosting providers advertise unbelievably low prices but when you see the final print of an invoice, you get surprised to discover the smartly hidden costs. The PBN clients buy domains and hosting in volumes and hidden cases can significantly inflate their expenses. Being a responsible PBN hosting company PBNLTD stays away from such marketing gimmicks.

The cost of each plan is mentioned along with their unique features so that you know what you are paying for. You pay only the published prices without any additional hidden costs.

Please click here for the starting prices of each type of plans at PBNLTD.


In the digital world, stellar support quality plays a core role in determining your business continuity potential. Even the best PBN hosting providers cannot guarantee you a cent percent performance with zero issues. So, you need a friendly support team with a prompt response and rapid solutions. With its committed team of in-house support executives, PBNLTD offers unbeatable support. Excellent team coordination and use of the latest issue resolution methodologies ensure that the issues get resolved before they start interrupting the business.

For PBN owners buying hosting services is a very important investment and as their needs are unique, the clients are always worried about how well a specific plan fares in real-life instances. Keeping this in mind, SeekaHost also offers a money back guarantee. So, in a rare case when you are not satisfied with the performance, you can easily get your money back.

However, due to its unbeatable rates and unmatched services, there shouldn’t be any legitimate reason why one will want to cancel the subscription.


Final Recommendation:

PBNLTD is a reliable brand that has been providing PBN hosting services for the last many years.

The company has smartly designed its infrastructure to promote agility, performance, and security. More importantly, it distributes unique IPs for each site of your network that rule out the possibility of being tracked. Prompt support, In-house WordPress expert, and consistent user experience have allowed the company to take its place in top PBN hosting providers.

The fair pricing policy also ensures that the clients can get the best services at affordable rates. And if you look at other hosts you can see PBNLTD PBN hosting is the cheapest when it comes to hosting even just as 1 site to 5 or more. Even the lowest packages are starting very low so you can get started cheaper

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