Binadit Review: Is This Web Hosting Provider Worth It?

I’ll also answer the question should you start a blog with binadit?

Are you considering a new hosting provider? Or do you want to start a new blog or website with WordPress?

If so, you’re in the right place.

I first used binadit in 2015 to host my WordPress blog after my previous provider let me down. Today, I rely on  binadit for a number of website projects.

But before I get into this binadit review, let me explain…


About Binadit:

binadit is a hosting provider specialized in high performance hosting solutions. Many cheap VPS provider give a lot of memory and cores for a low price with terrible harddisk (IO) performance. We offer guaranteed IO speed vps hosting. (100MB p/s or higher!) We are also specialized in Fully Managed Linux servers for a low price. All Fully Managed servers include: – Daily backup with 8 day retention – Monitoring with sms alerts – 99,9% uptime – Monthly reports – SLA Platinum – English and Dutch support by phone or email. Their offerings include Shared, VPS, and Dedicated Hosting, each being subsequently divided into multiple plans that cater to different budgets and hosting needs.


Why I Use binadit

If you’re wondering why I switched my hosting to binadit, my previous provider took at least 24-hours to respond to my support tickets. Their replies were often short and technical i.e. I had to Google what they meant.

I’ve used binadit to host a WordPress blog that attracted up to 10,000 and then 25,000 unique visitors per month.

Today, I use it to host this website because the plans are affordable and I value their technical support. Their web hosting is fast compared to other providers.

I also like that they automatically backup my site and scan it once each week for malicious activity.

Blogging with binadit

Many bloggers struggle with technical challenges like what to do when their WordPress installation inevitably breaks.

They also sometimes opt for the cheapest hosting provider and then wonder why they don’t have access to things like quality technical support and backups.

WordPress is the premier platform for blogging online and this hosting provider specialises in WordPress installations as evidenced by their one-click install. If you start a blog with binadit, they will update your plug-ins automatically.

It’s also reassuring to be able to open a live chat window and ask questions to a knowledgeable expert.

Another benefit is when you take out a plan and purchase your domain name, you can have your WordPress blog up and running within minutes.


Control Panel

binadit will suit both the experienced and the newbie webmaster who knows nothing about web hosting. To make matters easy for you, it offers the industry standard control panel in the form of cPanel.

This control panel is extremely easy to use, even for first-time users, and you can easily navigate through all the elements to manage and control your website completely.

With options like Softaculous, you can install WordPress script or scripts of other CMS with just a few clicks. You can also easily access Joomla, Drupal and many other applications from the control panel.

It further offers you a shopping cart for your eCommerce platform, if you have any requirement for this. binadit offers support for some highly effective eCommerce tools, including PrestaShop and Magenta. Also, the one-click cart set up functionality does not involve in any complex coding.


Is binadit Worth It?

Binadit is worth it if you want to balance having and affordable website with speed and great support.

I’ve found cheaper web hosting providers, but many of those don’t offer what binadit delivers in terms of support, backups and security. Starting a blog with binadit  is a good choice too.

My main quibble with them is their pricing is somewhat confusing, but otherwise they are ideal for authors who want a website and new bloggers.

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