Cloud VS Dedicated Hosting : Choose The Best Infrastructure for Your Business

Cloud VS Dedicated Hosting : Choose The Best Infrastructure for Your Business

Due to the growing competition in hosting industry, there are billions of options available in the
market. Choosing a right hosting provider for your website is a crucial task, especially, when you’re
a newbie to the hosting industry. At the initial stage, you may opt for the small plan, but your needs
may get expanded in future. Therefore, it is necessary to opt for the service that gets scaled
automatically along with the growing needs. Just by going through this article you will get the
difference between dedicated and cheapest cloud hosting that will assist you to take the best
decision for your website.

Cloud hosting:-

As the technology is evolving rapidly, business owners are considering cloud hosting for better and
faster performance. However, cloud is changing the IT industry and first priority is given to it in any
sector. In cloud hosting multiple servers work together and appear as one huge server. Cloud
hosting is the most developed and advanced plan as compared to other hosting solution. If you are
looking to optimize your IT performance by investing a huge amount in buying and organizing the
fully dedicated infrastructure then cloud hosting is the ideal choice for you. Most of the small and
medium-sized businesses that depend on a variable demand and workloads prefer cloud servers to
meet their requirements.
In cloud hosting, you pay as per your usage. You can scale your resource vertically and horizontally
automatically without downtime.


• Simplicity
• Affordability
• Scalability
• Reliability
• Customization
• Security
• Suitable for any business
• Easy app deployment
• Pay per usage
• Traffic distributor



• Required advanced knowledge of web server to tackle the issues.

Dedicated Server:-

It is the most expensive and highly preferable type of hosting. In Cheap Dedicated Servers India ,
the owner gets entire server along with the resources. However, the user has full control on the
server and he is not allowed to share the server with any other client. It is same like you have
purchased a bungalow and you are the sole owner of your house.
When your website receives more traffic and there is an increase in visitors’ count that results in
more utilization of the resources. In a dedicated server, you will get two types of hosting services:
Managed and Unmanaged.
In managed dedicated hosting, you allow your provider to manage and fix all the issues. The hosting
company is responsible to handle the queries of your clients, if you have rented the server to
anyone. Additionally, the hosting provider is also responsible to offer 24×7 support service, if you
find any query while working in the same.
Whereas in unmanaged hosting, you are completely responsible for your server. Therefore, it is
necessary to have detailed knowledge of techniques that are required to tackle the issues. A hosting
provider is not responsible to handle your issues.


• Full control over the server.
• Powerful.
• Isolated completely.
• Better server performance.
• Server management.


• Expensive as compared to other hosting solutions.
• Requires higher technical knowledge.
• Requires continuous monitoring as compared to the cloud.
• Hard to get all the data back online.

Let’s take a look at the differences between Dedicated and Cloud hosting:-

1) Cloud supports one single dedicated operating system along with Unix, Linux, MS Windows and
more. Whereas dedicated server supports dedicated operating system as well as most of the
providers ask you to choose from the pre-approved list of OS and versions.

2) If we talk about the cost, then dedicated server is expensive as compared to cloud hosting.
Generally, a price range of dedicated server starts from $50 onwards and depends on your plans. In
case of cloud service, you pay for your usage. You are charged for storage and time for which you
utilized the storage.
3) Cloud servers remotely get installed/ uninstalled/reinstalled OS on the server. But in a dedicated
server, it is difficult to reinstall or uninstall the OS on the server.
4) In cloud server, you can instantly reboot a “frozen” server, whereas, in the dedicated server, you
can hardly get a chance to reboot a “frozen” server.
5) In cloud server, you can get resources quickly. In the dedicated server, it will take a long time,
even weeks in some situations.
6) You can upgrade both the servers easily. In cloud hosting, within a few clicks or automated API
you can upgrade the servers. Whereas in the dedicated hosting, you need to follow the manual


Which one to choose – Cloud or Dedicated?


Looking at the features of cloud and dedicated hosting, you might have noticed the pros and cons of
both the types of hosting. But, yes with a cloud hosting you get a scalability option at the low cost
than the dedicated hosting. So it’s better to go for cloud hosting if you’re running out of the budget.

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