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Founded in 2010, is a Dutch hosting company situated in the city called Rotterdam. . They provide dedicated and cloud hosting services with much focus on automation. The company wants its clients to get full value of their time and money and it does so by providing servers with instant setup and an automated platform with various features. What makes different from other hosting providers is the simplicity of their services and the fact that they treat their customers as friends. Their small but dedicated team is always available to solve any kind of issues and answer your questions.

Why choose

There are so many reasons of choosing  Snel uses advanced technologies to provide unmatched web hosting services to companies in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. It’s unrelenting commitment to excellent services has endeared it to many people looking a powerful platform through which to run a full-fledged online business. Snel web hosting packages have an array of features that include:

  • Up to 100TB traffic
  • 1000GB+ SSD only drives
  • 64GB+ memory
  • 8+ Intel Xeon CPU Core
  • Ability to upgrade anytime
  • Customisable server
  • 1Gbps uplink connection
  • 24/7 support

After reading above features and reasons now are clear cut information why we choose

Plans With Price:

Affordability does not always have to mean poor quality. Few hosting solutions demonstrate this better than Snel. While practically all three packages are pocket-friendly, they are also some of the most powerful and effective in the Netherlands. does not have free web hosting, but given their reasonable pricing, it makes sense to consider trying their hosting solutions. The lowest priced package is the Cloud VPS solution while the highest priced option is Dedicated Servers.

The best plans of with their prices are given below.


-Dedicated Servers

Price:  Starting from € 69/mo

Single CPU Servers

Dual CPU Servers


-Managed VPS

Price: Starting from € 89.90/mo


-Cloud VPS

Price: Starting from € 9.90/mo

24/7 Support:

Snel takes support very seriously. The company’s commitment to ensuring that every one of their customers receives uninterrupted, stress-free hosting experience is steadfast. offers a ton of support features for every level of user. If you have the time and the will, you can easily find a solution by going straight to live chat. Plus, when you’re all done you’ll have far more knowledge about how your site works than you would if you used phone or chat support.


Final Recommandation: is an excellent service, especially for any developers and big business firms. It is also the best Dedicated and cloudVPS hosting provider  in the industry.

If you’re new to the game, or just want to focus on your site without getting bogged down in technical issues and clunky interfaces, may well be the answer. Its ease of use is peerless, and its reputation for reliability is well-earned. At last if you would like to take my recommendation than I will definetly go with

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